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Summary: A New Grand Bargain on Land Policy

Balancing the federal budget and reducing debt is a formidable task, to say the least. The debt/GDP ratio is now at the highest level in the nation’s history, and it is projected to rise even higher. In our study, we

Resolving The Conflict Over Federal Land Policy

Throughout American History federal land policies have been contentious. Federal Land ownership began with the cession to the federal government of western lands claimed by the original colonies. The state’s cession of land was crucial in enabling the federal government

Privatizing Public Lands

Over the first century of our history the privatization of public lands was designed to promote western settlement. Public land policies also generated much need revenue to pay down the national debt, as well as finance current expenditures. Because the

Preserving Our Land Heritage the National Monuments

Preserving Our Land Heritage: National Parks, National Monuments, and Wilderness Areas By the late 1800s there was growing concern that the rapid growth of the West threatened some of the most unique parts of our land heritage, valued for their

Fiscal Autonomy for state governments and Public Land Policy

A new ‘Grand Bargain’ would privatize public lands, and transfer some public lands from the federal government to the states. These public land policies would have a significant impact on federal and state finances. Privatization of federal land could generate

Barry on Land Policy

As you would expect RFF has done the definitive work on mineral and other resources in the U.S. The Sutherland Institute in Utah has done some interesting research on the transfer of federal lands to the state. They commissioned a

A Federal ‘Grand Bargain’

Bibliography: a ‘Grand Bargain’ for Public Land Policy Anderson, T., V. Smith, and E. Simmons. 1999. How and Why to Privatize Federal Lands, Policy Analysis no. 9, The CATO Institute. Carlton, J. 2017. Zinke Plans to Boost Payout to the