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  1. As you would expect RFF has done the definitive work on mineral and other resources in the U.S.
  2. The Sutherland Institute in Utah has done some interesting research on the transfer of federal lands to the state. They commissioned a study by Timothy Considine at the U. of Wyoming , ‘The economic Value of Energy Resources on Federal Lands in the Rocky Mountain region’. This may provide the data required to simulate federal energy sales/leasing. Unfortunately the study is not available on the Sutherland web site. Since you have ties to Sutherland and the U. of Wyoming you could follow up to get a copy of the study. Considine may be a good person to recruit for the Colloquium. We may want to partner with Sutherland in exploring this issue.
  3. The Rio Grands Institute in New Mexico has done some work on this issue and I have attached a copy of their study.
  4. Both Utah and New Mexico have introduced legislation calling for the transfer of federal land to the states. We should pursue this along the lines of my Grand Bargain proposal for a New Homestead Act. I will do some more writing along these lines.

DOWNLOAD: Barry on Land Policy

Barry on Land Policy

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