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Argentina’s Credibility Crisis

Argentina’s Credibility Crisis   By Mary O’Grady Jan. 3, 2021   Wall Street Journal   During the presidential campaign, Joe Biden blamed President Trump’s “incompetence and neglect” for the loss of U.S. sway in Latin America. The implication was that

The High Costs of Fiscal and Monetary Anomie

  The High Costs of Fiscal and Monetary Anomie:   The Experience of Argentina since 1945   Emilio Ocampo1         If the practice persists of covering government deficits with the issue of notes, then the day will

The Federal Reserve and the Debt Crisis

  The Federal Reserve and the Debt Crises Thomas R. Saving   University Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus Texas A&M University   Introduction   All the countries in the developed world have been expanding sovereign debt at alarming rate ever

Populist economic thought – a Peron Legacy

  Populist economic thought: the legacy of Juan Domingo Perón   Carlos Newland (ESEADE) and Emilio Ocampo (UCEMA)           Summary: This paper summarizes Peron’s economic ideas, which guided his economic policies and those of his contemporary

Monetary policy and the debt crisis

    TK: Monetary Policy and the Worsening U.S. Debt Crisis   In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Congress, with the support of the administration, has so far enacted four major bills that will increase the federal

Lessons from the Swedish fiscal framework

  Preparing for the next crisis Lessons from the successful Swedish fiscal framework   Fredrik N G Andersson Department of Economics, Lund University   Lars Jonung   Department of Economics and Knut Wicksell Centre for Financial Studies, Lund University  

Fiscal Rules in Switzerland – v06 – clean

    The Swiss Federal Debt Brake     Vera Z. Eichenauer and Jan-Egbert Sturm   November 2020   Preliminary version. Please do not quote without permission     1    Introduction1   The Swiss federal debt brake pursues two goals:

Fiscal Rules and Public Debt – Guidotti Revised

    Fiscal Rules and Public Debt: An Emerging Market Perspective1     Pablo E. Guidotti   School of Government, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella     First draft, August 31st, 2020. Revised, November 30th, 2020     I wish thank

Debt Fatigue and the Climacteric in U.S. Economic Growth

Debt Fatigue and the Climacteric in U.S. Economic Growth   John Merrifield and Barry Poulson       The Climacteric in U.S. Economic Growth   Economists in the U.S. are debating whether the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic will

Currency Reforms and Hard Budget Constraints

DRAFT                                                                                                                                                                             Hanke – 1   DRAFT   To Appear In Using Rules Based Fiscal and Monetary Policy to Solve the Debt Crisis   Edited by Steve H. Hanke, John Merrifield, and Barry Poulson.   Cato Institute: Washington, D.C.